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Restart Loan.

Simply Done.

If you have financial challenges, payment defaults or debt collection cases, we can gather your debts in one loan with your property as security. By refinancing your mortgages, you can lower your monthly expenses and take back control of your private economy.

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How Mybank restart loans work

If you are struggling with financial problems, you can apply for a restart loan from us.

We quickly assess your financial situation to find out how we together can improve your economy.

When we grant your application, we collect your debt in a single loan with your property as security.

You get a fresh start with lower monthly fees and better control of your economy with a restart loan from Mybank.

Your financial situation determines the interest for the restart loan. Example: Refinancing with a home mortgage loan from a 6,95% nominal interest rate. An annuity loan of NOK 2.000.000 with a payment period of 25 years has an effective interest rate of 7,36%. Front-end fee NOK 20.000. Total NOK 4.264.057.