Savings Account.

Simply Done.

With a savings account from Mybank, it’s easy to put aside some extra money so that you can grasp any opportunities or handle any challenges that may arise. We offer a nominal interest rate of 0.79% and an effective interest rate of 0.79% through monthly interest payments.

Open savings account

Attractive interest rates – every month

We deposit your interest payments every month so that your interests will compound throughout the year. The excellent interest rates apply from your very first deposit into the savings account.

Quick and easy to get started

It is easy to open a savings account in Mybank. Just fill out the application form and sign with your BankID. Then, we send you your new account number so that you can start saving money instantly. BankID helps us giveyou a swift application process.

Using your savings account is equally straightforward. You can effortlessly check your balance and use your money through your existing online banking solution. You can also use the savings account as your salary account or any other type of account as needed.

Simple saving with automatic deposits

Make it easy for yourself to save some extra money each month. Set up anautomatic deposit from your checking account to your savings account thesame day as your salary payment is due. Your savings account will work onits own, and you will reach your goals faster.

Secure savings

We are a member of the Norwegian Bank’s Guarantee Fund. This means that the money you have in your savings account is insured up to NOK 2 million. In other words, you can be sure that your savings are safe and available if anything unexpected should happen to us as a bank.