Car loans

Everyone knows that running a car is expensive and that it can often lead to unforeseen expenses. It is therefore important for car loans to be simple and not involve hidden charges and costs.

It should be simple to buy a new car. We’ve therefore made it as simple as possible to apply for a loan. The entire application can be made online – all you need to do is fill in the application. Our automatic systems will then process the loan. If you make a mistake, our system will detect this and we will contact you before processing.

When you apply for a car loan with us, we will help you with a solution adapted to your finances, at no extra cost to you.

  • Interest rates from 3.45%
  • Joint application option
  • Up to 10 years’ repayment period
  • Secure identification using BankID

If you are not interested in a loan for a car, we’re happy to help with loan applications for boats, caravans, snowmobiles or motorbikes.

Example of interest rate, car and boat:

Effective rate 5.58%, NOK 150,000, 5 years, set-up fee NOK 2,250.
Total NOK 171,678.

MyBank offers car loan interest rates from 3.45% APR (with a 35% deposit). We can also offer 100% financing at an APR of 5.85% and a repayment period of up to 10 years.


For a simple, flexible and secure loan, click on the button above and fill in the form.

3 good reasons to apply for a car loan with MyBank

Here at MyBank we have a lot of experience of car loans. We can therefore help you find the loan most suitable for you, your finances and the car you have your eye on.

Here are three good reasons for applying for a car loan with us:


  • Our online loan form is encrypted using SSL.
  • All information is processed confidentially.


  • If you haven't found your car yet, apply for a loan commitment and your car’s financing will be in place.
  • A loan commitment is proof of the size of car loan you can take out.


  • Online loan form for rapid car loan processing.
  • We will give you an answer by e-mail!

The lender for car loans is AS Financiering.

Car loan terms

  • Nominal interest rates from 3.45%
  • Monthly instalment charges: NOK 95
  • Set-up fee: NOK 2,250
  • Registration fee: NOK 1,473

Same-day loans

Provided that the form has been filled out correctly and that the necessary information is available, we will give you an answer the same day.

Example of interest rate, car:

Effective rate 5.58%, NOK 150,000, 5 years, set-up fee NOK 2,250 Total NOK 171,678.

Other vehicle loans

  • Motorbike loans
  • Caravan loans
  • Snowmobile loans

The lender for car loans and other vehicle loans is AS Financiering.