High-interest savings account

Attractive interest rate – every month

When you choose a MyBank savings account, your savings will be securely deposited at an attractive 2.11 % nominal interest rate. We don’t think you should have to wait until the end of the financial year to receive the interest on your savings. This is why we credit the interest monthly, so the effective interest rate is higher ( 2.13 %).

With savings in reserve, you’ll be better prepared for unforeseen expenses or that extra holiday you’ve been longing for. We have no restrictions on withdrawals, meaning you can access your savings at any time. Setting up an account is easy, and you’ll be up and running online in no time with BankID secure signing.

Getting started is fast and easy

To open an account with us, simply complete the application form and sign it using BankID. You will then receive your personal account number and can start saving. There’s no customer ID (KID) to enter, and you can use our internet bank or mobile bank to check your account balance and access your savings. Naturally, the advertised interest rate applies from the very first NOK 1.00 you pay in.

Using BankID, we ensure fast processing if you open a high-interest account. MyBank is committed to ensuring that its customers receive rapid and efficient service at any stage, at all times.

Secure investment

For your total peace of mind, your savings with us are protected, by our membership of The Norwegian Banks’ Guarantee Fund. This means that your deposits are insured for up to NOK 2 million per customer.Det er viktig for oss at pengene dine er trygge.

A little tip – make life easy for yourself

Saving a bit extra every month is easy if you set up an automatic withdrawal from your current account on the same day as your monthly pay check is deposited. In this way, you’ll be saving automatically as you go and achieving your goals sooner.