Restart loan.
It’s that simple.

If you have financial issues, payment remarks or debt collection cases, we can consolidate all your debt in one new mortgage ensuring you lower monthly expenses and you finally regain control of your finances.

Do you need a restart?

Collect your debt and improve your financial situation.
  • Get a fresh start
  • Cut back on recurring charges
  • Create a realistic monthly budget
Hvor mye ønsker du å låne?
I want to enter the value myself

Example: Nominal interest rate 4.99%. Effective interest rate 5.17%. Loan amount 3.000.000 NOK with repayment period of 30 years. establishment fee 4% (included in the loan) Total of 5.829.668 NOK

This is how it works at mybank

After 3 years, your interest rate is reduced to an average standard mortgage rate.
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    Do you need a fresh start?

    Consolidate all your payment remarks and debt
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    We will help you

    We start by reviewing your application and your individual financial postion
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    We consolidate your debt

    When your application is approved, we will contact you to present our solution
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    Fresh start with lower monthly costs

    You will get a fresh start with lower monthly costs and you will finally regain control of your finances.