MyBank Indicative Rates & Charges

About our pricing structure

All loan applications are considered on an individual basis. The interest rate we quote you depends on factors such as DTI, collateral and risk.

Personal loan Nominal interest rates from 7,99 % to 18,24 %
Overdue payment interest 9,25 %
Setup fee NOK 350 for loans of between NOK 10,000 and NOK 50,000
NOK 950 for loans of more than NOK 50,000
Adjustment fee for existing loans NOK 500
Monthly fee NOK 0.00 if using AvtaleGiro direct debit
Reminder fee, final reminder NOK 70
Debt collection notice NOK 210

Illustrative example: NOK 65,000 over 5 years at a nominal interest rate of 12.99% and setup fee of NOK 950, monthly fee NOK 0.00 amounts to an APR of 14.52%, and the total amount repayable is NOK 90,017.

Repayment schedules of between 1 and 15 years. Max. APR 28.94%.


Deposits Nominal interest rate APR
Savings account – balance of up to NOK 2,000,000 2.11 % 2.13 %

Deposits of more than NOK 2,000,000 only by special arrangement and on individualised interest rate terms. There are no withdrawal limits on our savings accounts.


Other services
Receipt issuance, paper account statement, proof of payment sticker (“kvitteringsoblat”) NOK 75